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The Life Talk books have been updated to serve as a ‘tool-kit’ of tips and guidelines that address the ever-changing and most recent challenges faced by adolescents, young adults and parents.

The best-selling Life Talk for a Daughter and Life Talk for a Son (with Patrick Wilson) offer teens and young adults practical insight into life’s various issues and challenges. Written from the heart, the books offer advice and invaluable insights that have a powerful impact on their readers’ lives.

Life Talk for Parents, (with psychologist Thomas Burkhalter) provides a comprehensive and thought-provoking guide to the challenges and issues faced in today’s fast-changing world. It contains input from a number of experts and it serves as a vital communication tool between parents and teens.

Izabella’s highly entertaining new book the Tug-of-Life provides a thought-provoking way of identifying life’s challenges, choices, dilemmas and solutions – and helps you to ‘pull’ your life in the direction you want it to go. This is one not to miss!.

Life Talk books are available in English and Afrikaans (Lewenspraatjies met ’n Dogter, Lewenspraatjies met ‘n Seun, Lewenspraatjies met Ouers) at leading bookstores and online.

Go to the Books page to learn more about each book, as well as the Tug-of-Life posters on offer! 

Internationally, the Life Talk books have been translated into: Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish.

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