Life Talk and the Tug-of-Life

Life Talk for a Son, book of life skills for boys, overcoming challenges faced by boys, thought provoking advice and help for teenagers and young adults, a practical guide, empower people to take control of their lives,
Life Talk for Parents, parenting handbook, parenting advice on raising teenagers, proactive thinking and solutions, key tips on parenting issues that raise concern, empower people to take control of their lives,
book and a game plan for life, identifying life’s choices, challenges and solutions, proactive thinking and solutions, raise awareness about challenges, empower people to take control of their lives,

Life Talk started when Izabella (author names Izabella Little and Izabella Little-Gates) wrote her first book, the best-selling Life Talk for a Daughter. Emails flooded in from teens and parents, and these prompted Izabella to assemble a panel of psychologists and counsellors. Thus the Life Talk Forum for parents and teens was born. Izabella subsequently wrote Life Talk for a Son and Life Talk for Parents, and most recently the Tug-of-Life.

The Life Talk Forum is a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness, stimulating discussions and seeking solutions to the challenges faced by parents and teens. It strives to help create happy, successful and fulfilled youth, guided by sound values – and it is committed to making the adolescent journey smoother for both teens and parents. Information is disseminated through newsletters, Facebook and Twitter, as well as through talks and programmes, and a range of video-clips.

The Life Talk Forum started in South Africa, but its messages (and subscriber base) rapidly spread across the globe. Most of the issues tackled by the Forum are applicable throughout all continents, communities, cultures, faith and income groups. Some of the circumstances might differ, but challenges such as alcohol abuse, drugs, peer-pressure, bullying, divorce, depression (and dozens of others) occur throughout the world.

The Tug-of-Life is both a book and a game plan for life. It is a guide to unpacking the complexities of life by identifying its choices, challenges and solutions. Utilising a unique and entertaining approach, the book provides a simple way of identifying what’s taking place in the various situations encountered in adolescence, at work, in marriage, parenting, health, aging and in other aspects of life.  This book underpins the Life Talk initiatives and it inspires debate about many of the key issues facing everyone (young and old) in today’s demanding world. “Essential reading for all adolescents, adults of all ages and families.”


The teams’ efforts are dedicated to:

  • Raise awareness about challenges, and stimulate debate about choices and consequences.
  • Focus on solutions and helpful aspects.
  • Promote values and virtues.
  • Empower people to take control of their lives in order to achieve their desired outcomes.
  • Introduce The Tug-of-Life terminology and methodology into all aspects of life, thereby facilitating a solution-based approach.
  • Galvanize the whole world into action – and into ‘tugging’ where it counts!



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