Life Talk for a Daughter

An invaluable handbook for life, for adolescent girls and young women


Newly updated best selling book Life Talk for a Daughter, life skills for girls, overcoming challenges faced by girls, thought provoking advice and help for teenagers and young for life, advice on 60 issues


Izabella Little-Gates launched the newly updated Life Talk for a Daughter to openly address the ever-changing challenges faced by girls on their journey through the teenage years into adulthood. Through candid and astute tips and guidelines on these new issues, Life Talk for a Daughter offers clear and comprehensive advice, perfect for dipping into as and when needed. 

Warm, full of common-sense and offering practical insight into the values of self-respect and personal integrity, Life Talk for a Daughter is a charming and thought-provoking book providing girls with the skills necessary for surviving life’s challenges with grace and humour. Whether it’s dealing with tough times at school, trying to understand Mum and Dad, falling out with a best friend, or falling in love, Izabella’s writing is sensitive to the dreams and anxieties faced by young girls today. Her clear and comprehensive advice goes straight to the heart of the issues at hand. She is honest without being judgemental, sensitive without being sentimental.

Split into four parts (Life Skills, Relationships, Practical Stuff, and Challenges) the book addresses everyday questions such as “Why doesn’t the boy of my dreams notice me?”, “Why doesn’t anyone like me?”, “Why can’t I stay out until midnight?” 

Life Talk for a Daughter is a wonderful tool for encouraging discussion – key to ensuring that both parent and daughter emerge from the teenage years with their confidence and sanity intact.

Best selling book Life Talk for a Daughter, life skills for girls, thought-provoking book, surviving life's challenges,  overcoming challenges faced by girls, advice and help for teenagers and young adults,

Technology, choking games, huffing, drink spiking, hubbly, drugs, weed, MDMA, STDs, binge drinking, gangs,
child-headed households and more. 

Life Talk for a Daughter also covers issues including:

What does it take to succeed?; Communication; Truth and honesty; Attitude; Being liked; Manners; Relationships; Friends; Family; Falling in love; Dating issues; Sexuality; Marriage; Being a leader; Careers; Interviews; Coping with change; Making a difficult choice; When you've made a mistake; Smoking, drinking and drugs; When you need help; Feeling alone or lonely; God; Breaking up; and many other issues and challenges.

Life Talk for a Daughter is for teenagers and young women – ages 13 to 30 and beyond. It is the book for daughters that mothers (and fathers) are also reading with enthusiasm.


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