Life Talk for a Son


From girls, good leadership, fitting in and staying fit, to sex, drugs  and porn– a practical guide packed with frank, sensible advice to take to heart.

newly updated Life Talk for a Son, book of life skills for boys, overcoming challenges faced by boys, thought provoking advice and help for teenagers and young adults, a practical guide

Following on the best-selling success of Life Talk for a Daughter, Izabella Little-Gates teamed up with Patrick Wilson to put together a practical, common-sense guide aimed at guys from ages 15 to 30. The authors use the voice of experience, humour and compassion to guide their readers through the obstacle course of life.

The authors’ insights into the values of self-respect, personal integrity and a healthy attitude are applied to chapters, including 10 new topics, specific to the ever-changing and challenging world of young (and not-so-young) guys. Divided into three parts, Life Talk for a Son examines the qualities which help to make the most of life; demystifies relationships, sexuality and love; offers practical tips on achieving success and balance; and provides solid advice and wisdom on dealing with the inevitable tough stuff and curveballs encountered along life’s journey.

Life Talk’s readers say that the books are: changing people’s lives; assisting with family communication; and providing inspiration and guidance.


Life Talk for a Son, book of life skills for boys, overcoming challenges faced by boys, thought-provoking advice and help for teenage boys and young adults, a practical guide for boys, practical tips
Technology, choking games, huffing, drink spiking, hubbly, drugs, weed, MDMA, STDs, binge drinking, gangs, child-headed households and more.

Life Talk for a Son also covers topics including:

When your mates pressure you; Self-respect; the Drinking culture; What does it take to succeed?; Your attitude makes you a winner; Truth and honesty; Passion; Sport; Being handy; Bullying; Pornography; Love, infatuation and testosterone; Relationships; Understanding mothers; Sex and sexual relationships; What girls like in a guy; Girlfriend hassles and dilemmas; Drinking and drugs; Difficult choices; Coping with sadness, tragedy or needing help; and many more.

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