Life Talk for Parents


The parenting handbook that every family and parent should have. Its content has the power to change lives – and to make a significant difference to the full spectrum of society”.

In the recently relaunched Life Talk for Parents – an essential guide to issues faced by teens and parents, Izabella Little-Gates provides key feedback on all the issues recently raised by parents, teens, educators and counsellors.  She examines the reasons, conveys the experts’ views, and explores solutions to these ever-changing challenges. She also draws insight from her own experiences which include being the mother of a teenage girl, handling an intensive business career, and coping with some of life’s tough challenges.


Technology, choking games, huffing, drink spiking, hubbly, drugs, weed, MDMA, STDs, binge drinking and more. 

Life Talk for Parents also covers issues including: Teen drinking; Sexual activity; Drugs; Peer pressure; Bullying; Parties, Clubs and Curfew times; Pocket money; Divorce; Single parenting; Cell-phone and Internet challenges; Steroids; Learning problems; Depression; Eating disorders; Back-to-school jitters; Career choices; the “Nothing to wear!” and “Everyone else is going” dilemmas; Enforcing boundaries; Enhancing communication; Building self-esteem; Promoting values; and a mix of many other serious and lighter topics.

Life Talk for Parents also has input from co-author Thomas Burkhalter (psychologist) and a range of experts on child pornography, sexual abuse, sports medicine and many more.

Why is Life Talk for Parents generating such enthusiasm?

LiLife Talk for Parents, parenting handbook by  Izabella Little-Gates, parenting advice on raising teenagers, proactive thinking and solutions, key tips on parenting issues that raise concern, empowering people to take control of their lives,fe Talk for Parents tackles the teen and parenting issues that are currently causing much concern. As is often reported in the media, and by schools and parents, teens face a number of tough issues and challenges, many of which result in heartbreak or tragedy that is quite avoidable and unnecessary.

The pressures of life in the 21 st century, along with the realities of family break-ups, crime, AIDS and other factors, present our youth with situations, temptations and hurdles that many of them struggle to cope with. Teen alcohol abuse is at crisis levels, drug use is climbing, sexual activity starts at ever younger ages, peer pressure is intense, school violence is increasingly reported, and depression and teen suicides are at worrying levels.

Many schools speak of parents “abdicating” their parenting responsibilities, and they express concern about an increase in bullying, less emphasis placed on boundaries and discipline, and many children whose only significant role models are the TV, Internet and peers. In many instances, values seem to be sidelined by the strongly materialistic focus, the stresses of living and surviving, and the greater resulting challenges that face us all.

Life Talk for Parents provides powerful and thought-provoking material.  It can facilitate a highly successful and solution-driven process to address many of the issues. Written with warmth in a chatty and easy-to-read style, it provides key tips, guidelines and behaviour-changing suggestions.


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