The Tug-of-Life®

Izabella Little-Gate's much anticipated new handbook for life!
Empowering you to jump off the bystander fence, trust yourself, tackle challenges proactively & take control of your life!   
The Tug of Life is an entertaining and uniquely written game plan for life that helps you to unpack life’s complexities by identifying its challenges and solutions. Utilizing its own vocabulary (see Tug-of-Life Glossary) and cartoon illustrations by renowned cartoonist Tony Grogan, this thought-provoking guide applies simple and easy-to-understand concepts that lead the reader on a journey to achieving the various goals and outcomes that every one of us strive for.

The Tug of Life is written in Izabella’s distinct, non-judgemental and thought-provoking style. This time she personalizes life’s challenges, helping readers to identify their choices, challenges and dilemmas, and to highlight effective solutions and plans of action. She explores the various ‘tugging’ contests that every person faces during life, and identifies all the ‘contestants’ involved. Topics range from everyday matters such as values, relationships, studies and keeping fit, to pressing concerns like drugs, alcohol abuse, crime, peer pressure, AIDS and high divorce rates. (See below for an extract from the book’s ‘Introduction’.)

The Tug-of-Life’s sections cover the scenarios and contestants that take part in the:

  • Tug-of-Teens
  • Tug-of-Young Adults
  • Tug-of-Work
  • Tug-of-Marriage
  • Tug-of-Health
  • Tug-of-Spirit
  • Tug-of-Environment
  • Tug-of-Parenting
  • Tug-of-Age

The content is of relevance to every individual, from the age of 13 to 100. Adolescents will soon be young adults, possibly heading for the work or marriage ‘field’, striving for wellness, spiritual fulfilment or a healthy environment – and older adults may be engaging with their work, marriage, health, parenting tasks or the realities of getting older. This book empowers you to take control of your life, helps you to be proactive and assists you in achieving the outcomes you want from life.

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Reviewers say that the Tug-of-Life is:

“Powerful – thought-provoking – empowering – life-changing”; “Contains exciting new vocabulary”,

“A handbook for life for everyone”; “A must read for teens and families – and adults of all ages!”



Excerpt from Izabella’s introduction to the Tug-of-Life:

“It all started with the Life Talk books and all the emails that began to flood in from teens and adults alike. The more I discovered about the various issues and challenges that readers were dealing with, the more I realised that we all face a ‘tug-of-life’ (a kind of tug-of-war) within our lives, and within society as a whole. A number of different role-players and challengers (contestants) take part, and depending on how we respond, this tug-of-life can provide some amazing experiences and outcomes. 

“Some of us might even find ourselves engaging in more than one tug-of-life contest at once. You might be involved in one at school or at home, in your relationships, or one where your health, career or growing older are concerned, and in various other areas. Whatever it is that you’re involved in, if you can identify the contest and the elements involved, and if you can define where it is that you would like to end up, the rest is up to you and your selected ‘tuggers’.

“Some of the contests have serious implications (possibly lethal) when issues such as alcohol abuse, drugs or promiscuity play a role, while others may be milder and more about happiness or success. Depending on the circumstances, you might be tempted to remain a bystander, you might engage in a ‘tug’ here or there, or you might opt to hightail it out of there at speed.

“This book is about identifying those ‘contests’ and the challenges and choices that you have. It’s also about identifying what it is that you’re striving for and what outcomes you want, and it’s about selecting ‘if’ and ‘where’ you’d like to ‘tug’. Whatever your age (whether you’re 10 or 100) there will always be some contest on the go, and there will come a time when you may find yourself facing some tricky decisions or dilemmas...”

“……This book hopes to stimulate thought and debate, and to focus on helpful aspects. It has by no means tracked down all the players, so it’s up to you to see which others you can identify. Ultimately, the hope is that you’ll experience life at its absolute best, and that your journey will fill you with waves of contentment as you look back on where you’ve been - and that you’ll tingle with excitement at all the prospects ahead of you!”




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