If that’s your life and your future in the centre,
what will your choices be?


Ever feel pressure from your mates to do things?
Need to know more about sex and sexual relationships, but can’t ask your parents?
Want to know what girls like in a guy, and what guys like in a girl?
Having girlfriend/boyfriend hassles?
Made a mistake?
Coping with sadness, loneliness, tragedy or need help?
Choking games, huffing, smoking, hubbly, drinking and drugs?
Have a difficult choice to make?

Find out all you need to know about life & the stuff you go through, from the Life Talk books! 

Stop feeling lost and confused!
Get Life Talk’s simple, non-judgemental, fun and easy to read toolkits of tips and advice on over 70 different issues.



Are your choices taking you closer to (or further away from) the person you want to be?

The Life Talk books chat about the following topics, questions and more!
Want to be liked? 
Know what it takes to succeed?
Why does porn rewire your brain?
Don’t know what to think about sexuality?
Love, infatuation and testosterone
Relationships, Friends; Family; Falling in love; Dating issues, breaking up
Being a leader
Sex and sexuality
Alcohol, drugs, choking games, huffing, technology
Careers; Interviews
Coping with change


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tired of boring life orientation classes?
Tell your school and parents about us!


Life is a tug-of-war. Win it.
A powerful opportunity to help change lives.
Equipping you with the tools to 'speak up' against peer pressure, alcohol and drugs.


We offer great interactive life skills talks, programmes and workshops! Suited to your needs and aimed at you (and/or your parents/educators).  We equip you with the tools to make choices that will take you closer to the person you want to be, in spite of the challenges you face (from peer pressure, to self-esteem, bullying, drugs, alcohol and more)!

  • Sometimes your parents and teachers also need a little help understanding your world. We can help them so that they can be there for you, to make your journey through adolescence that much smoother!
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menu of talks and programmes

1) tALks and PROGRammes for parents

The parenting talks are tailored for parents of children of all ages (from toddler to young adult). The earlier some of the challenges of adolescence can be identified, the more proactive parents can be.

1.1  The Tug-of-Parenting - Opening parents’ eyes to the wide variety of issues and challenges facing parents and their teens.  Giving parents the tips, tools and advice that they need to win their Tug-of-Parenting.
1.2  Topic specific talks - Choose which specific and current issues of the parenting and teen world that you would like to be informed and advised about. (ranging from technology, bullying and porn, to substance abuse and more).
1.3  Parenting in the 21st century - Introductory talk for parents of children of all age groups (by Life Talk’s resident psychologist).
1.4  The different neurological developmental stages - Helping parents understand and deal constructively with their children’s behaviour.  Minimizing parent anxiety by giving insight into often misunderstood behaviour (by Life Talk’s resident psychologist).
1.5  Practical parenting tips -  Life Talk’s resident psychologist draws on many real life situations from his practice in order to illustrate points, thus making it easy for parents to relate to and apply in their own lives.

Each talk is between 1 to 1.15 hours and will be structured to deal with the above topics.


Talks and programmes centred on teens and the issues and challenges they encounter. Tips and discussions about avoiding the unnecessary heartbreak that so many teens encounter, as well as guidance on how to achieve greater success both at (and after) school, with family and with friends.

2.1  Netiquette - Informing teens about the dangers of the internet, teaching them how to surf safely, and what warning signs to look out for online.
2.2  The Tug-of-Teens - Exploring the wide variety of issues and challenges facing teens. Informing and advising teens, focusing on choices, consequences and solutions.
2.3  Topic specific - Choose which specific and current issues plaguing the teen world you’d like to be informed and advised about (ranging from technology, peer-pressure, bullying and porn, STDs, self-esteem, to substance abuse and more).
2.4  Teen Life Skills Programme - An invaluable 14-part programme that equips tweens and teens with skills that will help them navigate their way through life, both at home and at school. It can be run as a whole or by selecting relevant topics, and can be run by teachers, counsellors or psychologists.


3.1 Self-esteem - why it plays a vital role in a child’s development, and how different techniques produce different results in children. 

3.2 Topic specific  - covering a range of topics that will help children, tweens and teens deal with the challenges they face both at school and at home. These talks and workshops help to prepare them for adolescence.The parenting talks are tailored for parents of children of all ages (from toddler to young adult). The earlier some of the forthcoming challenges of adolescence can be identified, the more proactive parents can be.





Life Talk: Your ‘go to place’ for tools, tips, info and advice about the issues and challenges you face.

Where do we get our info from?

Input comes from teenagers, parents and a network of experts comprising: psychologists, counsellors, principals, teachers, career guidance specialists, experts in drug and alcohol abuse, and other expertise that may be required. 

All advice given is given in good faith and the Life Talk Forum team and its advisors/panel members take no responsibility for any consequent actions arising therefrom.

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