Implementation for staff

The Tug-of-Life gets staff of all ages thinking about their choices and dilemmas, and empowers them to make career- and life-enriching choices. By equipping young adults, parents and others in your organization with a simple yet life-changing methodology, you can an increase in productivity, and it becomes a win-win all around.

Challenges such as alcohol and drug abuse, absenteeism, depression, low productivity, negative attitude, the break-up of families, and a whole range of other challenges can be addressed by applying the Tug-of-Life concepts.


Today’s teens, young adults, parents (and others) face enormous challenges that they often struggle to cope with. The Tug-of-Life empowers people to take control of their lives through proactive thinking, wise choices and applying sound values.

Tug-of-Life’s approach is life-changing, provides a new way of thinking, and takes effect straight away. Its concept can be applied to any situation in life.

The methodology is simple and easily applied to any scenario, from home to work, and in various activities. The short implementation guide (available from Life Talk Forum) explains how to introduce the concept, and the Tug-of-Life book gives many examples of the 4 characters that take part in people’s lives (eg Challengers such as alcohol or drugs, Galvanizers such as values and skills, Factors such as stress or poverty, and Ch-izers such as technology and social media).


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