The Tug-of-Parenting

Life Talk initiatives are ongoing awareness-building campaigns rolled out with the aim of engaging and encouraging individuals, families and communities to actively seek solutions to life’s challenges.


The Life Talk ‘Tug-of-Parenting’ is an awareness-building initiative that tackles the challenges faced by parents and teens, and provides suggestions for addressing them in a practical and proactive manner. The initiative’s ultimate aim is to galvanize families, schools, corporates, the media and society into action. It’s about winning the “tug-of-war” that is taking place in our children’s lives. 

As reported to the Forum, our children are increasingly exposed to: alcohol, drugs, bullying, sexual activity, peer pressure, divorce, HIV/ AIDS, crime, pornography and other challenges – and even the “strongest” teens are often vulnerable. Parents face their own challenges (communication, single-parenting, enforcing boundaries, marital, financial or other stresses) and often struggle to navigate some of these trickier years.

This initiative served as the inspiration for Izabella’s latest book, The Tug-of-Life. Three sections (the Tug-of-Teens, the Tug-of-Young-adults and the Tug-of-Parenting) cover all the challenges, dilemmas and helpful areas that play a major role in the lives of youth and parents. Other sections (such as the Tug-of-Marriage, Tug-of-Work and Tug-of-Health) also highlight some helpful areas that have an impact on all concerned.


‘If we all pull together we can create a great tomorrow for our youth!’


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